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Children deserve a medical home – a place where their care is accessible, family-centered, continuous, comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate. At Pediatric Partners of Gwinnett we believe that team-based care is a foundational element of the patient-centered medical home.

Team-based care is a health care model that endorses the partnership of children and families working together with one or more health care providers and other team members across multiple settings to identify, coordinate, and address shared goals that meet the needs of the whole child. 

Primary Care

We provide care to healthy and sick newborns, children and adolescents and strive to enhance the health and well-being of the children and families in our community.

Autism and Developmental Pediatrics

We provide comprehensive services for children with autism. Our services include initial autism diagnosis, ongoing management, and help with communication and activities of daily life.

Child and Adolescent Psychology

Our therapists help children and adolescents who struggle with a variety of challenges - depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD, as well as help adults who struggle with parenting their child or children


Our pediatric nutritionist helps children with and without special needs, such as those with failure to thrive, poor weight gain, diabetes and obesity, to achieve their nutritional goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Our certified lactation consultant will help you overcome challenges from painful latch to low milk supply. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, get personalized breastfeeding support when you need it most.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language therapy is designed to coordinate the mechanics of speech with the meaning and social use of language. The goal is to help the child communicate in more useful and functional ways.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) addresses a combination of cognitive, physical and motor skills. Its goals including helping a child gain age-appropriate independence and participate more fully in life.

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You can stay connected with Pediatric Partners of Gwinnett 24/7 by calling our after-hours nursing advice line or in case of a minor illness, simply navigating to the pediatric symptom checker, which you can find by clicking here.